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  Over 50 years at the center of Ohio Aviation
Since 1946, Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport has been a cornerstone of the aviation system across the State of Ohio. The 1,400-acre Airport, three miles south of the City of Springfield, is located at the heart of air travel and cargo activity in Southwestern Ohio, and serves the residential and business communities of Clark, Greene, and Champaign counties.

The Airport presents opportunity for development
Springfield-Beckley serves as a vital link between members of the Springfield business community and their principal destinations, including Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Fort Wayne, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. According to a survey of the businesses and industries in Springfield-Beckley's service area, 19 percent use air cargo/freight service on a daily basis (with more using this service on a weekly or monthly basis), 38 percent of the businesses with aircraft base their aircraft at the Airport, and 23 percent charter aircraft an average of 34 times annually.

Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport is located on S.R. 794 between U.S. 68 ad S.R. 72, only five miles south of I-70 and the City of Springfield. The Airport is adjacent to AirparkOhio, is only 29 miles from Dayton, and is the closest general aviation (GA) facility to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (10 air miles).

General Aviation (GA) Airport serving business, instructional, recreational, and commercial flying. The Airport also serves three on-site divisions of the Ohio Air National Guard (OANG).

1,400 acres

Terminal area is situated on U.S. 794 connected to the City of Springfield via S.R. 72 and U.S. 68 and intersecting I-70 to Columbus and I-675 to Dayton.

Customer Base
The residential and business communities of the Dayton-Springfield region.

Major Facilities
Two intersecting runways including a 9,000' x 150' primary runway and a 5,500' x 100' crosswind runway. Air Traffic Control Tower. Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility. Instrument Landing System (ILS) for the 9,000' runway providing all-weather landing capability and air access.

Landside / Support Facilities
7,500-square foot terminal. 9,800-square yard itinerant ramp for visiting aircraft and air taxi service. Full-service Fixed Base Operator. Sales of avgas and jet fuel. An avionics repair facility. Air taxi and charter services. Corporate hangar and T-hangar space for aircraft owners and operators.